Soft Moving Co.
Brand Identity & Art Direction

2018 Kansas City Advertising Awards, Gold & Best of Student |  2018 District 9 Advertising Awards, Gold and Best of Student 
Soft Moving Company introduces gentleness as a yet-considered asset in the moving industry, and hopes to treat the planet, clients, and their posessions with consideration and care. Soft also seeks to establish fairer industry standards by sharing fiscal data—such as prices, archived digital invoices, compensation details, and financial reporting—publicly.

Special thanks to 
Abbey Ulrich and Jeff McKee for photography, Lawrence Paper Company for samples, and all my friends who came out to help model. 

Leonard Cohen Exhibition Marketing
From February 2019 
Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything is the first exhibition entirely devoted to the imagination and legacy of the influential singer/songwriter, organized by the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC). I worked with the studio to design multi-channel advertisements and exhibition materials following a pre-existing exhibition  identity while bringing visibility to the Jewish Museum.   

Apart Magazine | Editorial

2018 Kansas City and District 9 Advertising Awards, Gold & Juror’s Choice | 2018 National Advertising Awards Student Finalist | 2018 National Student Show Group Project Finalist
Originally conceived as a travel magazine, Apart subverts the materialism of conventional society through humor and satire. The easily disseminated and accessible magazine uses popular culture and entertainment to connect with audiences, juxtaposing the lightness of leisure with the realities of our present cultural and political climate.


Apart Magazine was done in collaboration with Gracie Fasani, Kyleigh Rowe & Grace Heitmann. Visit the project on

Special thanks to: Allen Press in Lawrence, KS, Professor Patrick Dooley, Abbey Ulrich

New York Jewish Film Festival
January 2020
New York Jewish Film Festival is a yearly partnership with the Jewish Museum and Film At Lincoln Center that presents films from around the world to explore the Jewish experience. This past year, I had the opportunity to redesign the brand, using the title as a flexible frame for the festival as we advertised and presented the branding in a variety of proportions. 

1109: The Warbug House
Work in Progress
1109: The Warburg House is a small publication set to be released this fall for distribution in the Jewish Museum Shop. The content is based on a 1985 release of the same title but refreshed to reflect the Jewish Museum’s evolving brand guidelines. With a limited budget and an open design brief, I designed this small booklet to have a three-panel cover and a loop-stitch binding to elevate the publication while still keeping it economical with a two-toned risograph print production. 


updated 05/2020

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