Bona Bakery | Brand Identity
February 2018 
Bona Bakery combats gentrification through experimental pricing structures and a radical mission: that quality foods should be available to everyone, regardless of race, zip code, or economic status. My concept situates Bona at 40th and Troost Avenue in Kansas City, MO, the unofficial color line of Kansas City’s segregated history and the current focus of urban development projects.

Soft Moving Co.
Brand Identity & Art Direction

2018 Kansas City Advertising Awards, Gold & Best of Student |  2018 District 9 Advertising Awards, Gold and Best of Student 
Soft Moving Company introduces gentleness as a yet-considered asset in the moving industry, and hopes to treat the planet, clients, and their posessions with consideration and care. Soft also seeks to establish fairer industry standards by sharing fiscal data—such as prices, archived digital invoices, compensation details, and financial reporting—publically.

Special thanks to 
Abbey Ulrich and Jeff McKee for photography, Lawrence Paper Company for samples, and all my friends who came out to help model. 

Spencer Museum of Art, Design Internship | Posters, Invitations, Printed Ephemera 
July 2018 
During my time as a graphic design intern at the Spencer Museum of Art, I worked on miscellaneous print pieces for events and student organizations. The following is a sample from my time there. 

American Dream |  Exhibition Marketing 
February 2018
American Dream was an exhibition at the Spencer Museum of Art that examined privilege and challenging societal narratives in the United States. This exhibition draws its inspiration from Ta-Nehisi Coates’s explorations and indictments of the American Dream to further question associated beliefs, struggles, ideas, and representations.

I aimed to communicate the exhibition’s thesis through the marriage of design and material. Each piece was printed on cheap newsprint and wheatpasted across campus. The posters decayed naturally throughout the week the exhibition was opened.

Auslegung | University of Kansas Department of Philosophy Journal 
May 2018
Auslegung: A Journal of Philosophy is a philosophical journal run by the philosophical community at The University of Kansas. The journal was founded in 1973 and publishes work of philosophical import on a broad range of topics.

updated 02/2019

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